Did he send me the wrong text

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Did he send me the wrong text

Then told her 'wrong person,' as I meant to send it to my mother. He was sitting next to me on the plane when I got a text from him that said, 'I can't wait to be inside you. She never brought it up until I came to work after getting engaged. My boss looked at me, placed her fist on her head, and said, 'Well, we all know why she said yes. See you at the dock in I sent her a picture with googly eyes and a leprechaun hat poorly edited onto my penis, captioned: 'Can I find your pot o' gold tonight?

Both my girlfriend's number and her stepfather's number ended in the same three digits. I sent him a message simply saying, 'Heading off to bed now, will talk to you tomorrow, love you x.

It was sudden, the doctors say it was in his sleep and peaceful. He phoned me like 10 times. I felt so bad for scaring the shit out of him. He just texted back, 'OK, but I gotta usher at mass first. Then told her, 'wrong person,' as I meant to send it to my mother. The next morning, I sent a hungover text to apologize and make sure we were both clear that it was a mistake and that none of our coworkers had to know about it. I sent it to another coworker with the same name who was notoriously the office gossip.

I intended to send her something along of the lines of 'Do you think you can handle being with someone as sexually aggressive as I am?

I even put the little poo emojis at the end of the text. I wanted to die.

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It was meant for my brother, but the attending had just sent me a text saying he was running late. Luckily he laughed it off, but I almost died.

Send me a pervert! For several weeks, I told my girlfriend that I was taking a night class to learn how to cook. During these 'classes,' I was actually meeting up with her best friend and others to plan her party. Some nights, I even brought home food from a restaurant from the other end of town and claimed it as my work.

Accidental text message!

She was already very suspicious since many people in her social circle were busy on the same day every week. I sent it to my girlfriend instead. Paul Bearer. Paramount Pictures. The CW. Share This Article Facebook.The accidental text.


You get yourself a little confused. Before you know it, you sent the wrong message to the wrong friend. You press send. Your heart stops for a second. A cold chill works its way up your body. First, take heart that sending an accidental text to the wrong person is a common thing. The best advice is the hardest route.

Own up and apologize. Who knows, actually telling your accidental text friend why you said what you said could sort out an issue that has been brewing for a while. What if they never speak to you again. Despite that heart-stopping moment when you realized you send an accidental text to the wrong person, are there any instances in which this type of text could be beneficial? The accidental text could be the way forward! I used this method successfully not so long ago.

Let me explain how this works. For example, you are crushing on them. Piquing their interest to the point where they actually start to pick up the pace a little.

I sent it to my crush and waited.

Grandma Who Sent Wrong Text Last Year Invites Teen for Thanksgiving Again

Where are they? The reason it worked is because my crush was half invested in the idea of taking things further, but not quite there yet. The fact that I had quite blatantly shown that I was out having fun, and therefore perhaps in the company of other potential crushes, caused a ripple effect. Those poor souls had to actually go up to someone and speak to them—face to face. How terrifying! The only way to show your crush that you liked them was to actually tell them, or get someone else to tell them for you.

Can you imagine the embarrassment if it all went wrong? Having said that, simpler times also have their advantages. By doing that, you cause a panic reaction which actually forces them into conversing with you. Not because you told them you were out living it up at a party… accidentally, of course.I want to rush in the door with a letter from your hopeful suitor. I would be your Chris Harrison. And he piiiicked…YOU! Thank goodness that group of campers discovered him before it was too late!

He was quite literally dying to see you. I want to be the bearer of good news. I mean, at least I hope not. Even someone with iron armor thick skin will still feel that sting. Even someone with a generally healthy self-esteem will question things. And it is you. That can be one of the hardest pills to swallow. Turn it off.

Go outside, go for a walk, do something that reminds you how insanely big this world is. There is no waiting a certain amount of days or pretending to be busy when Netflix knows your schedule is pretty damn open. And it will be so much grander than waiting by your phone.

Vice-versa, eh? I like this. I know in the back of my mind that it was unnecessary, in fact, it was completely embarrassing. At least by now, I can finally move on for sure. So good.Several times I would receive a text that was totally out of context and I would say "what are you talking about? He would text back saying "oops, that was meant for someone else". I am sure that he did that to let me know he is involved with someone else, that he is just so damn busy.

did he send me the wrong text

He did it to the OW when she was out of the country. He sent her a text with my name. He really shook her up. Did he ever send you a text by "mistake"? Last post. I wonder if anyone had this happen to them: Several times I would receive a text that was totally out of context and I would say "what are you talking about?

He would text back saying "oops, that was meant for someone else" I am sure that he did that to let me know he is involved with someone else, that he is just so damn busy. Just one example of the games he played. Just another game in Just another game in Narcville!! Early after the breakup he did this. Like…did that really happen …TO ME?? Going to get you food! Called me back about half an hour later and asked, all confused and dazed, "Why did I call you?

I don't remember. Then he said I was breaking up and he was losing service and he'd call me right back. And of course he never did. Syren66 not verified. No, thankfully. Oh waitI never had sex with him. What I am concerned with is how to handle an awkward situation. I mean, if I say was that meant for me, he's not going to say it wasn't, right?

But it totally sounds like it wasn't. I want him to know I'm not stupid without sounding crazy. Well, that's good. If he gets in touch with you again you can say something like In the meantime, try to get busy and go on dates with other guys so you're not stressing over this guy.

Take it for what it is. I actually wouldn't even be surprised if he did it on purpose to try to get rid of me because he wouldn't have the heart to tell me to go away.

did he send me the wrong text

If you think he's a player, then probably it wasn't meant for you. There are lots of things that could have happened. If you really want to know, just ask. If you don't like his treatment, leave him. I'm neutral about it. I don't think it's worth spending much time thinking about it.

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You need to figure out how you want to move forward. I will have to see him again in a professional setting and would rather things not be awkward. Don't be involved with him then. If you have to see him at work, it will just make problems. I'm more worried about keeping my dignity intact!

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Raven Xper 4. Now he is in a different region of the world. Two days ago I suggested that sometime soon we do a little Skype session to tide us over til we see each other again. We were on bbm and it got very sexual. My bb died though and I used my other phone to wrap things up. Today I had my bbm status set to busy and I get a text to my other phone that says - are you alone?

He was there for a little more than a week. My guess is that he meant that message for another girl he probably met last week. At first I thought he mistyped honey and just sent back through bbm - hey what's up - I'm sorta alone - why? Then I realized it probably wasn't meant for me and said - ohhhhhh. I see. Wanted to give an idea that I know while still being vague and not freaking out.

I know he's a player anyway and I'm sure he'll explain it away either way, but I'm pretty sure this is what happened. The only reason it could possibly be meant for me is because of the conversation we had two days ago.You've been seeing a guy for a little while and you thought things were going great. Then, one day, you text him and he doesn't text back.

Your heart sinks.

did he send me the wrong text

You start questioning all of your experiences with him and wonder if he's actually into you. As crazy as it sounds, we've all been there. One of the worst feelings in the world is texting a guy and not getting a response back. It's humiliating and the thought alone can give you anxiety.

You second guess everything you've said, wonder if you've come off way too strong, and wish you would've never sent the text in the first place.

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It happens to all of us time and time again and all we want to know is: Why he didn't respond? Was it something we did? Something we said? Or, is he just busy and absent-minded? Well, we've been trying to solve that mystery too. So, we asked the question to fifteen different guys and got fifteen different extremely insightful answers.

I work odd hours and I am normally running around from meeting to meeting with different clients.

16 "Sorry, Wrong Person" Texts That'll Make You Cringe Down To Your Core

I am constantly surrounded by people or driving. If I get a text that is not work related or from someone I'm supposed to see, I tend to disregard it since it is not a priority. It doesn't mean I don't want to talk, it just means that now's not a good time.

If she texts more than one time, I get annoyed because I'm so overwhelmed by everything else. If anything, I'd prefer a phone call since it'd be faster and more personal.

Call me old fashioned, but texting someone all day when you can't even focus on what you're saying doesn't sound like any fun at all. Actually, it sounds more annoying and pointless if anything. Not only is it hard to make conversation with someone all day but it also wastes time that I could spend doing something else.

I guess I feel like if she's texting me all day, she's either bored or looking for some sort of attention that I can't give her all day every day.

I don't need to be updated on what she's doing or who she's with and I don't think it's important that she knows what I ate for lunch. Sure, a sweet text every now and then is fine but other than that, it's lame. Sometimes I feel like saying, "text me when you actually have something to say," but I don't want to be rude so I just don't reply until I actually have something to say.

Not many guys are able to express themselves, and even if they can, it's not in their nature to talk about things, they have more of an "I'm over it" approach without even thinking about the other person.My boyfriend of the past year sent me a text message yesterday while he was with me. It read "I'm at my moms, call you in a minute". I asked him if he sent me a message and he said no. When I opened it and asked him why he sent me this message and if he acidentally sent it to me instead of who he intended on sending it to he said that he was joking and it was meant for me.

HE then became very upset and left. I think it is strange and am having a very hard time trusting him.

did he send me the wrong text

I love him and dont know what to do. What should I do???? View related questions: text. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Add your answer to this question! A female reader, anonymouswrites 15 April :. A reader, anonymouswrites 15 April :. Already have an account?

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