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Docx viewer

Open any file from Microsoft Word with Doc Viewer. Doc Viewer is a fast, free, simple app for viewing Doc, DocX, and other text files. Access your files in one click from the handy live tile, or share and print your document, all completely free. You shouldn't need expensive software just to open and print a document.

How to Open and View DOCX File Without Microsoft Word ?

Download Doc Viewer today and see why it's one of the most popular document apps for Windows I saw a lot of ads and document for 1 second. After 1 seconds the document was closed and I saw again ads.

Hi Edward, we are sorry about the problem with the ad, that's not intentional. We couldn't reproduce it on our system though. Was it with all the files, or just one particular? Terrible app. Advertisements for every document. It won't even open a document with a double click. Have to go in the app. Home button then open, find the location and view app. If you double click a doc, it just opens the last viewed doc. Not the one you clicked on.

The absolutely first thing I saw when I ran this app is a dialog box trying to get me to download some kind of driver. This app is simply the worst kind of cancer. Do not install. Quick to open and works for me to quick view docs also supports printing! This does load your doc files at a huge cost. It slowed my fast computer to a crawl. I not have lag spikes just trying to move my mouse. It acts almost like a virus am deleting this as soon as i get my stupid doc file converted.

There is an issue with reading page-breaks in the correct places. Otherwise good app. Translate to English.Users can view all the components of Word file in their original form and format. The DOCX reader software only removes the corruption and keeps all Word file items unaltered alongwith following:. While viewing the files, users can search for any particular text within the document easily and go directly to the part of the text where it belongs.

These viewing modes are available for reading damaged DOCX files:. Apply the option that is most suitable for you:. Since there is no file size limit, one can easily view. Adding bulk amount of file will not cause any problem as the software is capable of viewing all of them efficiently.

Doc Viewer

When the feature is enabled, the tool can search within the subfolders of those drives. This feature is specifically helpful when the location of a corrupt or damaged DOCX file is not known to the users. DOCX file reader enables the users to open and view all media like pictures, art, charts, clips and so on.

Also, it keeps all images in a separate folder and it becomes very simple for users to view. While viewing the damaged DOCX files in their original format, users can search for any text within the document. All these files can be viewed without any trouble using this DOCX document reader. It also allows users to view different kinds of error infected DOCX files. The DOCX reader software supports all.

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Users can freely view DOCX file from any versions without any hassle. Users can access DOCX file without any no loss of data. Moreover, any kind of change in portable. Apart from this, it does not need support from any other application.

This Free DOCX viewer software has user-friendly interface and can be freely accessed by any users in just a few seconds. Download Now. Hard Disk Space MB of free hard disk space required. Software Guide. I want to know the working of the tool. How can one view docx documents using this tool?

Will this freeware help me to open damaged. Yes, this DOCX file reader is capable enough to open. Also, it supports MS Office and all above versions as well. So, I want to know if there is any size limitation to read.

It is very helpful to view.DocX Viewer is a lightweight Windows freebie developed to open docx documents without the need for Microsoft Office.

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As many of you probably know by now, Microsoft Office and newer versions adopted the docx document format, so older releases are unable to handle this particular extension. The app was developed with a single goal in mind: to open docx documents without even asking for Microsoft Office to be installed on the local computer. Of course, the application provides absolutely no editing features, so it only shows the content of a docx document and nothing more.

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The status bar is being used to show the file size, document title, author and date, while the application comes with very basic options to enable page margin and docx file association. Just as expected, DocX Viewer leaves just a very low footprint on system performance, running smoothly on all Windows versions on the market. Which leads us to a rather simple conclusion: DocX Viewer deserves a chance, especially because Microsoft Office is such an expensive product.

DocX Viewer provides just basic docx document viewing features, but at least you can copy the text you need with minimum effort. DocX Viewer. Using this straightforward application you can open and explore the contents of various DOCX files, then you can easily print them. DocX Viewer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa. New in DocX Viewer 1. DocX Viewer 1. Load comments. All rights reserved.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

docx viewer

New releases. Docx Reader Gapp Studios Business. Add to Wishlist.

Download DocX Viewer 1.35 for Windows

A tiny Docx Viewer app is ready for you to read any docx file on the go. This docx viewer is a clever HD quality word reader which can easily view all images, tables, different font styles, bullets and more for any docx files in a responsive display for mobiles as well as tablets. Its not just a basic docx reader it can do more. Use it as your default docx viewer or docx reader and directly open docx file from file manager, email, cloud or web in this docx reader without having to open the app.

This docx viewer is definitely the most efficient office and productivity tool for reading word files. Not only is this app an effective word reader as a doc reader or docx reader but is also an instant pdf reader.

This is also one of the best word to pdf converter doc or docx to pdf converter. This reader for doc, docx and pdf is free of cost and will not consume much of your phone's memory. If you like it please leave a 5 star positive review. Every contribution helps so feel free to share the app on social media, talk about it or review it. If you don't like any feature, please feel free to contact us at admin amsacht. In the next version of this docx viewer for android, you would find more options like pdf to doc or docx i.

Why this Docx Reader or Viewer when there so many other branded readers? It can help you instantly read documents on the go without consuming your phone's memory. This app has image to docx, word to pdf, word to html and other converters.If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to submit us something!

Many users haven't upgrade their MS Word toand some have no Word installed at all. This tool is designed for them to read these DOCX files. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from office software without restrictions. DocX Viewer 1. A separate x64 version may be available from Epingsoft.

Program Info Screenshots 5 Virus Tests. DocX Viewer on bit and bit PCs This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from office software without restrictions. Download DocX Viewer 1. We have tested DocX Viewer 1. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans.


Screenshots of DocX Viewer 5. View all screenshots 5. Similar Software. Open, view, print and zoom Microsoft Word DocX documents. Ranking in Office Software 22 of Office Downloads. Download Details. Filename: DocXViewerSetup1.When you open a file in this app, you can also copy and paste the text into the word processing program of your choice for quick and easy editing. Straightforward interface: DocX Viewer's interface is as straightforward as they come.

Options for opening files and printing are clearly displayed, as are the few options available for customizing the display.

docx viewer

There isn't much of a Help file, but even novice users probably won't run into trouble without any guidance. Printing and copying: Documents printed from the app come out with all formatting and margins intact. And while you can't edit or mark up documents in this app, you can quickly copy and paste all of the text from a file into another word processing program, so you can work on it there.

Download access: During testing, we were unable to access our computer's Downloads folder from the app's finder, which seemed odd since most of the files you'd be using it to open would probably be downloads from emails or the Internet. In order to open a document through the software, we needed to move it into another folder first, and then access it from there, which seems like an unnecessarily complicated process.

However, at this point, most word processing programs, even free ones, can open DOCX files and allow you to edit them as well. This tool is designed for them to read these DOCX files. It did not open my. First it popped up an alert with the number '2', followed by an alert box wider than my px screen, filled with html code and no visible button available to close the box.

I had to use task manager to close it. It did not work for me in windows 8. What displayed was a continuous line of html for picture inclusion followed by text, continuing on for what must have been the entire docX. I downloaded this program, tried to open my docx without success, then uninstalled the program. You can print off it, it opens perfectly, and unless you have Office at least, Office won't capture the whole document.

I have a docx that I need to print, so searching for a basic program that can do this, I would have thought even the most basic of viewer would be able to print. So this program even though it works, it's functionality is too limited.

I received a docx file attachment which I could not view because I have Windows Office MS offers various softwares to upgrade Officebut these are complex and huge.

I just wanted to view the docx file, not modify my entire computer. This small and simple application downloaded fast and installed easily and worked the first time.

I was able to view the docx attachment. Thank you Wonder Studio! From the bottom of my heart I thank the developers associated with this software as it allow me to read docx file within less than a minute without going through painful new installation of ms word I'm reviewing the Win2k version of the program.

The file name is DocXV2k. There is nothing to install, just unzip the executable and run it.

docx viewer

Well behaved little program. Fine for just viewing.Here are 6 free docx viewers to view. Docx files are created by newer versions of Word, including Word These free docx viewers come handy if you want to open a Word file but do not have Microsoft Word on your system. Many of us have older version of MS Word in our PC, but Microsoft now uses docx format for its doc files and the users who have not upgraded their MS Word version to MS Word are facing problems in reading docx files.

To ease out the problems, we have free DocX Viewer application from epingsoft. The application is very light weight and portable since you are not required to install your application and can be carried anywhere in your USB stick. The program is just KB, so carrying this application will not be problem at all.

It quickly open up and you can read your docx files easily without installing and upgrading your MS Office version and further. Read more hereor download free here. TextMaker Viewer is free application for all common word processing and spreadsheet formats. The application is very easy to use and let you enjoy your document free of cost, without spending any extra penny. The application will show you exact layout of your word doc as it would have appear in your MS word.

The application is just a viewer and will not allow you to edit anything in the docx file. You can read, view, and print your file using this application. TextMaker Viewer comes from the makers of Softmaker Office. This application is handy when you have older version of the MS word and you have no time to upgrade it to newer ones to read docx files.

You can use this handy app and download it in your desktop for reading any doc file. You can read doc, docx, dot, dotx, and many other files that other word processors supports. The application might help you in times when you just have to read the doc and you have no time for upgrading your existing word processor application.

Download TextMaker Viewer here. Word Reader is free docx file viewer that helps you to read docx file if you do not have any Word processing application or MS Office. The Word Viewer application does not only let you read docx file but you can also read any word file easily and without much effort.

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The app read doc files for you with same layout and you can use this free reader anywhere. The easy to use application was designed keeping in mind the people who does not have word processing software in their system and there is urgent requirement to read some doc files. However, downloading MS Office would be an option but still, it is time taking to download whole package. Rather it is handy when you just have to read your file and this application would solve your purpose.

Read more about Word Readeror download free here. The application is an open source and anybody can use the this Firefox docx viewer plugin. The app is in the form of FireFox plugin, and it will let you read your documents in FireFox web browser. This is the most handy app when it comes to read your documents and other files. The application is designed simply in FireFox plugin so that you can read your docs and files right there in your web browser.

The application is free cost to use and gets into your system within no time. The app allows users to view Open XML documents. Word Viewer is freely downloadable app from Microsoft that helps you to open and read doc files if at all you do not have MS Word in your system.

Users can use the app free of cost and very light weight. With this application you can just read and view your documents and cannot edit them. The application has been upgraded to help users to print and copy the contents to other program. This gets easier for users who do not have upgraded version of MS Word to read docx file and requires editing apart from just viewing.

You can now open any docx file with this app and copy the contents to your older version for further revision and review.

The users should keep in mind that with this application you would not be able to edit an open document, save a document, or create a new document.


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