Event seating arrangement

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Event seating arrangement

One of the hallmarks of a successful event is the seating arrangement, the view that participants have.

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By the same token, the speakers on stage have to get a clear line of sight that takes in the entire audience as a whole, and also should be able to look each and every attendee directly in the eyes.

So now you know what the goal is, in terms of getting the seating arrangement right. How to decide which type of seating is right for your event, the number of attendees, the size of the event venue, duration of the event, etc.? This type of seating arrangement is ideal for gatherings and events of over people.

The neat rows of chairs optimizes the available space to fit in a large crowd, in case you get more attendees than expected. It also ensures that people are able to walk through the aisle without disturbing others. The aisle in between also ensures that everyone in all the rows from front to back have a clear view of the stage.

A classroom style seating arrangement has desks for 1 to 3 participants each.

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The desks are in rows like the auditorium arrangement above, but separated from each other into smaller sub-groups of three people on each desk. This is an ideal arrangement for training sessions and workshops that are a part of the agenda during conferences and exhibitions. This is a more casual version of the classroom type of seating.

Smaller groups of attendees are seated at each table, but they may not all be necessarily facing the stage. This kind of seating arrangement is ideal for breakout sessions after an event, where groups of attendees can meet and network while still being a part of the larger event in progress. The hollow square is an innovative adaptation of the conventional boardroom seating arrangement. The hollow square in the center provides a bit of extra space for people on either side, and allows leaders of both sides their own seating space in the center.

Calling a meeting in a boardroom like the one above is as good as calling the shots, because the other team will be appropriately impressed even before the meeting starts. The U makes it simple and accessible for your tech team to set up the tripod and camera in the center.

One of the things we do very well is to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the startups and SMEs and corporate branch employees who work at our business center all day long. The Courtyard Restaurant also serves as catered event space, where events can be organized in the courtyard, with a buffet and food tables surrounding the crowd in the middle.

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Creating the best seating arrangements for your next corporate event

Mobile Phone Number. Share List. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Archive November September December August Seating plans have a bad reputation. Still, there are plenty of reasons you need to have one. You know that feeling you get when you board a flight with no assigned seats? People cut in line to get a better choice.

What a headache. Your guests will be frantic figuring out where to sit and who should be at their table. The old-fashioned way: Draw the room floorplan on a poster board and sketch in all the tables and chairs. Use different colored Post-It notes on your diagram to determine seating placement. The modern way: Use a seating chart generator! Apps like these make it easy to shift the seats around for the hundredth time. When you take these things into account, your seating plan will organically create relationships for your attendees.

Seating plans have a bad rap. You still need one. Click To Tweet. A seating plan is even more helpful when you think beyond the big picture and accommodate specific guests. There are so many different types of event attendees : the questioner, the loud talker, the know-it-all, the wallflower, the networker — the list is literally endless. As you plan your event, try to identify these personality traits and mix them up in your event seating.

This way, there will be an even balance of personalities represented at each table. In this case, everyone gets to choose who they sit next to. Seating can be one of the biggest challenges for a planner. Up next, learn how to create introvert-friendly events.

Some of the most popular event seating arrangements are theater style, classroom style, herringbone style, horseshoe style, U-shape style, banquet style, boardroom style, and hollow square style. Cabaret seating plans place attendees at round tables, with an opening at the same side of every table.

This leaves attendees seated in an arc facing forwards toward the front, where there is typically a stage. This seating plan is popular at training sessions, awards nights, and — you guessed it — cabaret shows. First things first: Do you really need an event seating plan? Here are 5 tips for an almost perfect event seating chart, to help make your event much more enjoyable: 1. What are different types of event seating arrangements?When you are organizing any kind of meeting or event, the communication factor is all-important.

Theatre style seating is much like it sounds: several consecutive straight rows of chairs, all pointing in the same direction. This arrangement is good for annual meetings, product launches, in-service meetings, and any gathering that requires focus on one specific person or thing.

Classroom seating is arranged in consecutive rows; it is similar to theatre-style, except with the addition of desk space. This arrangement is good for lectures, info sessions, seminars and conferences. Classroom seating arrangements can also be angled in a herringbone style, where seats are angled towards the middle of the room so that each chair is facing the podium at an angle.

In the horseshoe or u-shaped seating arrangement, desks and chairs are organized in a u-shape — that is, open at one end. In some cases, desks are eliminated completely, such as might be the case at a team briefing or other event that does not require note-taking or other participation. This arrangement is good for presentations, classes, workshops or any meeting that requires a certain level of interactivity.

event seating arrangement

In a hollow square seating arrangement, seating is arranged around a large table. There is no open end as in the u-shape, and all participants are facing each other. This meeting seating arrangement is good for round-table discussions, brainstorming sessions, lunch meetings or sales meetings where input is strongly encouraged.

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Boardroom seating is similar to the hollow square and u-shaped seating arrangements, but it consists of only two sides of one table, leaving the ends vacated. This type of seating arrangement is most common for events that include a meal, or any event that can potentially last more than a couple of hours.

Both often make use of large round tables, the main difference being that in banquet seating, chairs are positioned all around the table, and in cabaret seating, one side is left open to encourage the audience to face the stage, podium or speaker. Cabaret style seating arrangements or banquet seating is good for gala luncheons or dinners, weddings, awards shows, holiday parties, training sessions or team building.

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Theatre Style Seating Arrangements Theatre style seating is much like it sounds: several consecutive straight rows of chairs, all pointing in the same direction. People may have to step over or squeeze past others to reach their seat Classroom Style Seating Classroom seating is arranged in consecutive rows; it is similar to theatre-style, except with the addition of desk space.

Pros: All seats face one direction, most every seat can see the subject or speaker Having a desk surface allows participants to take notes or use laptops Meeting goers can enjoy a beverage or a meal during the meeting Cons: Difficult for participants to see each other, discuss or interact in any way Seating capacity is reduced by the need for desk space Horseshoe or U-Shaped Seating Arrangement In the horseshoe or u-shaped seating arrangement, desks and chairs are organized in a u-shape — that is, open at one end.

Pros: Draws attention to a focal point or presentation area Encourages engagement between the presenter and attendees Audience participation is encouraged as attendees are facing each other Cons: Not a very efficient use of available space Reduced seating capacity Some attendees are sitting perpendicular to the presentation or podium The Hollow Square In a hollow square seating arrangement, seating is arranged around a large table.Expose your business to millions of potential clients.

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Virtually transport clients to your event space. Design floorplans to-scale and bring layouts to life with 3D and virtual walkthroughs. Create multiple floorplan templates to make planning future events more efficient.

event seating arrangement

Create intuitive and detailed event floorplans and visualizations to scale. AllSeated at last made a tool that the industry has been waiting for a long time. I hope we managed to assist with our input, we loved working with the team. The Mandarin Oriental New York. AllSeated has brought true operational efficiency into our office.

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The ability to collaborate in real time to create floor plans and seating charts has not only saved all of us a ton of time but made the process so much more enjoyable and easy to implement! We love working with the team! The software was easy to use and the staff was available around the clock — every question was met with an answer, every problem with a solution.

Finally a program to bring event seating into the 21st century!

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Moving forward, I will not do my seating any other way. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

event seating arrangement

Their customer service is the best.So you have found the perfect venue for your next event, now you need to start to think about the room layout and in particular the seating style for your audience. As discussed in previous blogs, the communication factor on any event is critical.

Whether you are setting up a business presentation, training classroom, hosting a full scale gala dinner or product launch, the arrangement of the seating can make all the difference.

In this latest blog I have highlighted the ten most popular seating styles so you can choose the best option for your next event.

This is the simplest style, reflecting the seating found in a theatre or cinema with chairs aligned in consecutive straight rows. Positives: - All of the seats are facing forwards towards the front of the function room. Popular for meetingsAnnual General Meetingsproduct launches. This style reflects the seating found in a school or lecture theatre, with chairs and trestle tables aligned in consecutive straight rows. Negatives: - Again the audience is closed in, making it difficult for audience members to enter or exit - Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to seating area.

Popular for training, conferencessales kick-offs and product launches. This style is very similar to Classroom, however each consecutive row of chairs and tables are angled inwards. Positives: - All of the seats are angled inward towards the podium. Popular for training, conferenceslectures. Negatives: - Inefficient use of floor space, with seating capacity reduced. Popular for training, conferences, workshops, meetings.

This style is very similar to U Shape, however there are no tables, only chairs arranged in an open ended configuration with the audience facing inwards. Positives: - The open end provides a focal point and allows for a presentation area. Negatives: - Inefficient use of floor space, with seating capacity reduced.

How to Select the Best Event Seating Plan For Your Event

This style is similar to U Shape, however there are four sides and no open end, with the audience all facing inwards. This style is a smaller version of the Hollow Square or U Shape, however there is a large elongated table, with the audience all facing inwards.The theater style layout is used when the guests are purely an audience and little or no interaction is required.

It is excellent for events with a large number of guests, but not a good selection if food is being served or if the audience will have to do extensive note taking. When setting up for a theatre style there are a number of variations that can be applied to suit the needs of your event. Here are some options:. This is an excellent style when there are few guests and they have a focal point such as a screen or TV.

This is commonly used for directors meetings, discussion groups, or other types of committee meetings. This type of layout is excellent for groups of 25 or less and where note-taking and interaction may be required. Classroom Style Seating — As you can see in the picture, there are rows of conference tables and the chairs that face one direction towards the front of the room.

This event seating style got its name because of its popularity in classrooms and test-taking situations. As a result, it is excellent for events in which a person will need to take notes, receive handouts, or use devises such as a laptop. However, this is not the best layout if interaction between guests is required.

Free Wedding and Event Planning Software

One table or a set of tables is combined to create one large table in the middle of the room with chairs around the sides and the ends. This is not a great set-up if there is a presentation because it can be difficult for the guests to have a good view. Banquet Style Often used for weddings or gala dinners, this is an excellent option when food is being served.

The caterers use round tables throughout the room with chairs around each table. Keep in mind that some of the guests will have to turn their chairs in order to see the presentation or head table. Festival Seating — this type of event seating allows attendees to select their own space in an open area. In these types of events, like open air theaters or music festivals, there are often no chairs provided or not enough chairs for the number of guests planning to attend.

General Admissions — often used at rock concerts, this type of event seating allows the guests to choose their seat and can be used for any of the seating styles listed above. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses cookies, to offer a better experience. By using our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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What is the purpose of the event? Are there any restrictions due to the type of venue selected for the event? Will the guests need to interact with one another at any point during the event? Are there any special activities or circumstances that need to be taken into consideration? For example, what is the maximum capacity of the venue and are the exits easy to find and fully accessible?

Depending on your venue, there may be additional regulations that you need to be aware of so ask the venue manager or owner about venue specific guidelines. Number of Guests The number of guests affect your event seating plan. You must ensure that you have not exceeded the maximum occupancy of the venue for safety purposes. From there, you will need to make sure that your event seating plan can accommodate the number of guests you plan on having — in the most effective way possible.

If you are planning a large event, you will also need to consider the flow of traffic. This is very important and often overlooked. Event Seating Plan By taking each of these elements into consideration, you will be able to select the perfect event seating plan for your event. Styles and Layouts There are many different event seating styles and layouts that can be used and these may have to be customized depending on the needs of your event or the venue space available.

But, by taking these basic layouts, you can come up with something that will work for your event. Theatre Style The theater style layout is used when the guests are purely an audience and little or no interaction is required.


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