Inmate sentence calculator

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Inmate sentence calculator

Following sentencing and designation, the BOP calculates inmate sentences in accordance with Federal statute and the following BOP program statements: P Note: General questions about the sentence computation process can be answered over the phone.

inmate sentence calculator

Some information regarding sentence computation is public information and may be provided without filing a request under FOIA. For example, the Court of Jurisdiction, sentence imposed, and projected release date are examples of information that may be released. However, other information — e.

4 Ways To Reduce A Prison Sentence- Jail Time Consulting

When an inmate is housed at a Bureau institution, questions about a sentence computation should be brought to the attention of Correctional Systems staff at the facility. The release of such information can only be obtained by submitting a written request with an original authorization form that has been signed by the inmate.

Faxed or copied authorization forms are not acceptable.

Southern California Custody Calculator

If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please mail or fax your request on your official letterhead, or submit your scanned official request via e-mail. Without proper documentation, your request cannot be processed. If you have questions, please e-mail us. Find a document Resources For Special Needs Offenders.Determinate sentencing covers sentencing guidelines, mandatory minimum sentences, and enhanced sentences for certain crimes. Sentencing guidelines allow judges to consider the individual circumstances of the case when determining a sentence, whereas mandatory minimum and enhanced-sentence statutes leave little or no discretion to judges in setting the terms of a sentence.

Offenders sentenced to determinate sentences are sentenced to a specific amount of time, such as seven years. Once the offender serves the specific time the offender is released to either parole or probation supervisor. Offenders serving determinate sentences may become eligible for a parole suitability hearing prior to their release date if they meet certain criteria. Most other offenders are sentenced under the Indeterminate Sentencing Law ISL and will serve a term of life with possibility of parole.

Offenders sentenced to a life term with the possibility of parole cannot be released on parole until the BPH determines that they are ready to be returned to society. Click here for information on the parole proceeding process. Once sentenced to CDCR, the offender is sent to a reception center for processing and transfer to an institution. Processing includes computing a classification score based on such factors as length of sentence, stability, education, employment, and behavior during a prior incarceration.

The classification score determines the type of facility where the offender will be housed. This score may change over time based on individual behavior and specific case factors. Because of this change, an offender may be transferred to a different institution.

Education and vocational programs are available to offenders. An offender may obtain a GED or a certificate of completion. The type of supervision is determined by the California Penal Code.

The more serious and violent offenders and high-risk sex offenders are released to state parole and the non-serious, non-violent, and non-sex offenders are released to county-level supervision. Currently, the law requires that parolees be returned to the county that was the last legal residence of the offender prior to his or her incarceration. A parolee may be returned to another county if that would be in the best interests of the public.

DAPO carefully reviews each case and makes such decisions on an individual basis. Offenders released from prison to state supervised parole are assigned a Parole Agent in the community where the offender will be living. CDCR parole offices are located throughout California. Offenders released from prison to county-level supervision will be supervised by a local law enforcement agency. CDCR no longer has jurisdiction over any person who is released from prison to county-level supervision.

Visit the Post-Release Community Supervision webpage for more information. Penal Code Section requires that any prisoner who the head physician for the institution where the prisoner is located determines, as provided, is permanently medically incapacitated with a medical condition that renders the prisoner permanently unable to perform activities of basic daily living, and results in the prisoner requiring hour care, and that incapacitation did not exist at the time of sentencing, shall be granted medical parole, if the Board of Parole Hearings determines that the conditions under which the prisoner would be released would not reasonably pose a threat to public safety.

If granted medical parole, the offender would be assigned a Parole Agent, and if their condition improves, they can be returned to custody. The provisions of medical parole do not apply to any prisoner sentenced to death or life in prison without possibility of parole.

Victims or victim next-of-kin who are registered to receive notification will receive information regarding the date and location of the hearing, and have the right to attend and participate in the medical parole hearing process. Note: In most cases, the offender will not be present for this hearing. Click here for more Information about medical parole. The procedures for the new Elderly Parole Program will affect parole suitability hearings scheduled on or after October 1, Eligible offenders may also continue to petition to advance their next hearing pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code section Click here for more information about elderly parole.

The Board of Parole Hearings BPH reviews the parole suitability for any prisoner who was under 26 years of age at the time of his or her controlling offense. In addition, any offender who was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, and was under 18 years of age at the time of his or her controlling offense, will also be scheduled for youth offender parole hearings.

This will establish hearings for qualified offenders who are sentenced with an indeterminate sentence or a determinate sentence.Regional Break Time. Miss Cornbread. Calculation Prison Time Calculator. Here is a calculator that hit my husbands release date right on the nose. This sentence is automatically figured as the Board Of Prisons uses only 1 calculation for good time credit.

State Prison Sentence: If you select " State Prison " a drop down box will appear and you will simply choose the state of sentencing. You'll notice that R. P is set to "No" automatically. This is due to not knowing if you are eligible for a drug or alcohol treatment program.

If you are you might be able to shave even more time off of your incarceration. If you are eligible for R. Residential Drug Abuse Program - it has longer names but we'll stick with thisthen choose "Yes". You'll also notice that R. P is highlighted - this is for more information as it pertains to the treatment program and facilities.

For the Federal system you'll put in your "Date of Surrender". If you surrender at 2pm it will actually count as a full day This is the amount of time you have already served; such as county lockup, transfer etc. This time will be deducted from your total time. As well, it will also be counted as "good time" as this reflects your sentence as a whole.

Please check with your probation officer or attorney to find out if your state has different rules about time spent being incarcerated while waiting for trial or transfer. For the Years, Months or Days - you can enter any amount or figure.

So if you spent 1 year in county you can put 12 in the months box. This prison calculator understands all dates. So if your sentence was 48 months you can simply put the number "48" in the months box. Or - you can put "4" in the years box - or 1, days.

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inmate sentence calculator

It was way off for me. It was almost 3 years over. It doesn't give you the option to put in percentages nor does it calculate milestone credits. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.A re you headed to prison or jail or are you the family member of a person headed to prison and want to know how long they may be incarcerated with the DOC?

Extremely simple to use but if you need help simply click on the HELP link. A re you going to Jail or Prison for the first time and don't know what to expect; who to talk to or what to bring?

Sentencing, Incarceration & Parole of Offenders

These are questions your lawyer doesn't know how to answer or won't. Take it from a guy who's been there Pete Maxwell answers all questions in his newly revised page survive prison guide: " How To Survive In Prison and Jail " - from what to do and not to do on the first day State Prison Federal Prison Sentence Good Time Calculator A re you headed to prison or jail or are you the family member of a person headed to prison and want to know how long they may be incarcerated with the DOC?

inmate sentence calculator

Information regarding the time of total incarceration is, and cannot be, ever accurately calculated. There are other factors involved with a proper calculation of good time credit. Some instances may be loss of good time due to circumstances beyond an inmates control.

As well, some offenses do not warrant the total amount of good time as others. For example: Some states reduce the good time credit for murder convictions yet give more credit to those who have simply stolen property, drug offenses or other non violent crime. We suggest you to try the " Inmate Search " feature at JailGuide.

To find the prison for any state, click on " Search By State Prison " or " Search by Federal Prison " to find the institution's information. If you have any comments, suggestions or find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them to our webmaster using the contact form.Only Whole Numbers. Only 0 to After deducting the good time credit, the remaining sentence is days or months or years.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines Calculator. Now that you've seen how easy it is to figure out the good time credit, how about checking out a fast, free way to calculate the federal sentencing guidelines for drug offenses.

Role in the offense, safety valve included. Only want to see how much time one gets for multiple drug types? The Murwell calculator will do that too. Guidelines Calculator. Want to see how the BOP actually calculates the good time credit? BOP Program Statement You can get it here for free.

BOP Manual. About Good Time Calculator. Fast, quick way to get the good time credit a federal inmate can receive from the BOP. The sentence must be longer than one year to receive any good time credit. See 18 U. Merely using 54 days per year, does NOT work.

The BOP's convoluted method to determine good time credit was upheld by the U. Supreme Court in Barber v.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. If you have been convicted of a crime or are considering taking a plea deal, you may want to know what your potential sentence is. For those people wondering how the length of a federal prison sentence is calculated, there is a guidebook produced by the United States Sentencing Guidelines USSG.

These figures are not entirely exact as a prison sentence is and will be based on the specific situation, however it is a good way to calculate a probable sentence. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account.

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News By Tag. What began as a site to find inmates and do free inmate searches now includes a state prison sentence calculator that includes most state prisons and state DOC.

Good Time Calculator

Spread the Word. Former prisoner launches JailGuide to monitor inmates in facilities worldwide. No more lost prisoners says this inmate search analyst at JailGuide.

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The prison sentence calculator can tell you how long a prisoner will be incarcerated and how much good time credit they could possibly earn while incarcerated and even suggest a possible prison release date. The Jail Guide Prison Sentence Calculator may soon be the most widely used prison sentence calculator available online. The creator of the calculator, Peter Maxwell, is now offering the calculator to law firms and bail bond companies the use of the prison sentence calculator at no charge for use on their websites.

The user would then enter the date of possible surrender if applicableany time already served and then finally the amount of the prison sentence. The idea came to Maxwell when talking with a friend who was concerned about when a person was eligible for release from a penitentiary. Maxwell then figured the time by hand and then realized a need for this simple application that could be used by parents and family of prisoners but also to victims of crime.

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Along with being able to use the calculator on law blogs, bail bond websites and other legelese type sites, those website owners may soon be able to add their own link to the calculator to help their clients navigate their site. At this time, website owners in the legal profession can simply embed the calculator directly onto their sites with a special code. In the U. Maxwell has also compiled a variety of tools and utilities to aid visitors find an inmate, tips for navigating the system, and information on how penal facilities work.


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