Mtg broken combos

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Mtg broken combos

Pioneer is the talk of the town in Magic right now. With the exception of maybe how broken Oko, Thief of Crowns is. The one caveat is that the five fetch lands from Khans of Tarkir are banned. But where do you start with all these options? Well here is a tip from Sam Black that I think everyone should follow:. This format has some incredibly powerful cards that have seen sweeping bannings across multiple high-powered eternal formats. So what cards are in the conversation that could potentially be banned in Pioneer?

Here is my short list:. Emrakul is a card that is only going to get more obnoxious the larger the format is.


Rally the Ancestors may be a lot worse now than it was before, but it is an incredibly powerful card. Rally is the type of deck that can easily play around cards like Rest in Peace and other graveyard hate and for that reason, I could easily see this getting out of hand.

Kethis is a card that has only been out for a short amount of time. We saw it dominate Standard alongside Mox Amber and a slew of great planeswalkers before Dominaria rotated. I can easily see this card coming back again to dominate alongside Emery, Lurker of the Loch.

mtg broken combos

The last of the super unfair cards is the great combo of Felidar Guardian and Saheeli Rai. Much like the old Splinter Twin problem in Modern. There are also a few cards that while I think are likely appropriate power level for a format like this, could prove to be problematic at some point:. This was mainly due to the fact that it was colorless, so any deck could play it. The value you get from a card like this while also being such a proactive play is simply unheard of.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is the pinnacle for any mono-coloured deck that is looking to gain an advantage from having access to a ton of mana. You can do some cool things like potential combo kills with Combat Celebrant and whatever other new toys you get in the format.

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I suspect that this type of deck will be kept in check by things like Rest in Peacebut perhaps it gets to a point where it can easily play around graveyard hate. Definitely something to keep an eye on going forward. Like I said off the top, our first goal with this format is to abuse these awesome cards in order to see just how broken some of these decks can be.

One of the most interesting things about Pioneer is that the format looks to be slow enough that many of these decks will be able to support midrangey elements to help protect or support their combo. This kind of combo-control potential is nothing to bat an eye at if history has taught us anything. Pioneer is gearing up to be a very exciting format and I think once we get passed the initial brokenness of the format, I think it has the potential to be one of the best formats Magic has seen since the inception of Modern.

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Top Ten Most Broken Cards in Magic Ever Made

Recover your password.Here you will find content to help you from the kitchen table to your first GP, and everything in between. It is known thanks Irri! I on the other hand, am not a pirate. Which is why I present to you this small chest. Yes it does look rather piratey, but it was on sale! It contains a small ensemble of cute card pairings, synergies, cool interactions and even some infinite loop combos. If you are looking for an idea to build a casual deck around, then perhaps some of these shiny trinkets may catch your eye.

Please take these ideas with a big lick of salt. Most are only casual playable, are just a bit of fun or are based around the nut draw. My trusty companion Paint returns to help me bring these interactions to life. Some of these you will know due to them being famously effectiveothers you may not most likely due to them being pretty narrow.

Separated by many years and sets, they can finally be together on a kitchen table. This is not to say that 5 Power of flying turn 2 is to be sniffed at. This has been talked about since Varolz was spoiled. Assuming you are on 13 or more life, you can cast the Shadow to which it will immediately die and then Scavenge away!

Phyrexian Dreadnought provides the same task as the Shadow, but with the advantage and disadvantage of always dying when you cast it. Rinse, and repeat! Once you have access to 6 mana you can counter a spell every turn, forever! Back to square one. To get there quicker Somberwald Sage could be used to boost out the Archaeomancer.

Although Cryptic Command is used to counter target spell and bounce the Eternal Witness most of the time, the fact that you can return one of their lands and draw a card when they cast nothing is… insane.

This cheap alternative deck would need a card dedicated to this task. Only I felt it would be strange to mention the lass for a more flimsy synergy when a much stronger one exists. If you play Pauper then you either know all about this, or you will at some point.After a grueling qualification process, players advanced to Day 2, which featured huge prizes.

In other words, the Day 2 competitors were some of the best in the world. Decklists Part 1Part 2 were made public, and live updates of results and standings could also be tracked down. However, the result page listed different usernames and was not in a format conducive for analysis. After massaging the format into a usable formatI could finally generate the following overview.

In this table, each deck name hyperlinks to the best-performing list of that archetype. Decks that strongly underperformed: Mono-Red and Bant Ramp. It is possible that these decks are poor choices for the current metagame. Or at least everyone was ready for them. Decks that strongly overperformed: Boros Feather and 4C Kethis.

Boros Feather should be an excellent choice for upcoming Standard events because it has a good matchup against Vampires and 4C Kethis. Casting Reckless Rage when you control Feather is a beating. More on 4C Kethis later. Note on participation : Even though all Day 2 players submitted a decklist, only players checked in on the third-party ESL tournament page to play on Sunday.

I can only speculate about the reasons, but technical issues with the ESL integration may be partly responsible. In any case, reliance on a third-party platform is inelegant and risky, and the MTG Arena client could benefit from the addition of an adequate tournament mode. I hope this is on the to-do list for the developers.

These Czech superstars, along with Pro Tour champion Ivan Floch, are living together in a house in Prague, and they regularly break the Standard format with spicy brews.

Before its breakout weekend, several players had been experimenting with various Kethis builds recently. One of them, for example, was Elvencloud, who streamed with this list a week ago. He felt it was powerful, so he tried to build the deck himself, tuned it, and the rest is history. Basically, you mill yourself with Diligent Excavator, activate Kethis to recast legends from your graveyard, and trigger Diligent Excavator to mill yourself further.

To keep going, Mox Amber fuels your mana production. With most of your deck in your graveyard, you now have the capability to activate Kethis a large number of times, enabling you to loop heaps of Mox Ambers. The combo requires a lot of setup, but since most pieces can be either drawn or milled, Tamiyo, Ashiok, and Lazav provide velocity, consistency, and inevitability.

Diligent Excavator is the only combo piece that is not a legend, but you can copy it with Lazav or name it with Tamiyo.

mtg broken combos

Congratulations to all of them! Their Arena account names are:. Mythic Championship V will take place on October Lutri, we hardly knew ye.

The elemental otter has been banned in both Brawl and Commander before being released. Skip to content. Buy This List. Share this. About The Author. Synergy-driven aggro decks like Modern Affinity are his favorite. Frank holds a PhD in cooperative game theory and stochastic operations research, so when he's not traveling the world, he enjoys applying his mathematical background to Magic-related problems.

Bant Scapeshift. Bant Ramp. Boros Feather.The banning of these cards opened up room in the combo niche for decks that were previously on the outside looking in. These decks are hungry to feast on the scraps of the metagame, and the best among them will emerge from the scuffle as the new go-to combo deck in the format. Perhaps one of these decks will eventually find itself labeled oppressive, and it too will be banned from the format in a future round of bans.

My goal this week is to shed light on what viable competitive combo options exist in the new Modern cardpool while leaving no stone unturned. I'll include decks from the established to the brand-new, the favorites and the underdogs.

This is a comprehensive look at the combo decks of the format that players are actually playing and winning with. These are decks I would not be surprised to see at the Pro Tour this weekend and going forward as viable competitive options locally and beyond. Solitaire this Deck! The first card that many people thought of immediately after the bannings was Scapeshift. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle was originally banned in Modern, and since being unbanned it has persisted through the format as a constant but minor presence in the combo niche.

The deck is consistent and powerful, and the Scapeshift shell can be taken in various directions. Another take on Scapeshift is to push its speed to the maximum with a higher density of land ramp to get the combo going as fast as possible. Prismatic Omen helps further by allowing Scapeshift to kill the opponent with just six land in play.

It also allows the deck to play a more traditional game, winning three points of damage at a time for each Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in play, double for fetchlands. Grishoalbrand garnered a lot of attention last year when it broke into the Top 8 of Grand Prix Charlotte.

The deck was hyped, and plenty of people called for it to be banned, but the deck failed to gain significant traction. The deck uses Through the Breach or Goryo's Vengeance to put Griselbrand into play, and it's able to draw a ton of cards by using Nourishing Shoal to gain life in eleven point chunks with Worldspine Wurm.

The deck is fast, capable of winning on turn two, and it's resilient, with multiple avenues to victory and plenty of backup combo pieces. It's not necessarily the most consistent deck in the format, but that doesn't make it any less threatening.

Storm initially emerged as one of the single best decks in Modern, and it defied expectations by continuing to perform after multiple rounds of bannings rendered it a shell of its former self.

Storm was at a low in the metagame before the bannings because it was generally a worse choice than Splinter Twin or Amulet Bloom, but it's poised for a comeback.

The Next Broken Modern Combo

Storm is a perennial favorite of many pros, and it's a given that it's going to be a contender at the Pro Tour. Living End had something of a resurgence inespecially in the hands of top European pros. The matchup against Splinter Twin decks was notoriously poor, so it's reasonable to expect it is going to have a decent showing at the Pro Tour, and if so I'd expect it to be universally present going forward.

A major issue with many of the combo decks I have described is their vulnerability to graveyard removal. This deck has persisted since Extended into the new Modern format, but it never truly established itself as a real concern. It finished in the top 8 of Charlotte, but it was overshadowed and mostly forgotten. The Amulet Bloom deck was simply faster, more powerful, and more resilient, and there was little reason to play a combo deck like Ad Nauseam. Now the deck is thrust into battle, and to me it's the deck with the most potential to take the throne as the next broken Modern combo.

Chord of Calling decks come in many flavors, but they are all an extension of the Birthing Pod decks that died with the banning of their eponymous engine. These decks use Chord of Calling to assemble creature-based combos to go infinite and win the game. Chord of Calling allows for a deep, deep toolbox of value and utility creatures, and it provides consistent access to hateful sideboard cards to attack specific archetypes. These decks had success before the bannings, so it's reasonable to think they will be even better now that some of their fiercest competition is absent.Open the door, get on the floor, infinitely spawn the dinosaurs!

Causing an infinite loop of dinosaur spawning, the perpetrator can only grin smugly and dare their opponent to hit the concede button. This combo is one of the easiest ways to break Magic in the history of the game. It also gains 2 strength if it attacks another dinosaur. Then you play Polyraptor, a more expensive green creature which spawns another Polyraptor when it takes damage.

Polyraptor is immediately hit, replicates, and the mirror-raptor is then hit, and replicates. This replication is endless.

mtg broken combos

The hilarious thing is that this exploit was known about long before Magic: Arena updated with it. Last month, YouTuber The Magic Historian explained just how bad it would be if those two cards were unleashed upon the game without fixes. Still, infinite dinosaurs aside and that seems like an exploit that will be patched sooner rather than later nowMagic: The Gathering Arena is a pretty neat way to start learning the great grand-daddy of collectable card games. Tagged with dinosaurs!

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Cat Combo is back: Pioneer’s most broken cards

Starship Titanic really isn't worth dredging up from the bottom of the Santraginus V sea. Now streaming live:. Jump to comments Who am I? Dominic Tarason Contributor More by me. Please enable Javascript to view comments. MTG Arena codes - free card packs and card styles 2. Exclusive: two new Magic: The Gathering cards revealed - including punchy goats 6.

Latest articles Developers of your favourite games share what they're most proud of making Raindrops on kittens and whiskers on roses. Starship Titanic really isn't worth dredging up from the bottom of the Santraginus V sea Aim for an iceberg Welcome, welcome.

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Have a seat. Would you like some Emmental? Try them yourself with some grapes and crackers or maybe just spread them on a bit of toast. Ah, cheddar. You are so obvious, so common, yet so potent.

Is that how cheese works? Never mind. The most simple interaction that Crucible has is with fetchlands. You sack a fetch, get a land and next turn play that same fetch again, never to run out of lands again. We can make it better.

With Strip Mine. Yes, that does mean you can effectively destroy a land every single turn. But even then, only just for that one turn as you can keep playing that Strip Mine from your graveyard. No lands. For anyone. What is better than cheese? Infinite cheese. Fields and fields of mozzarella floating in the never-ending packet of brine that forms the expanse of our known and unknown universe.

Uh oh. That got a little weird. Well, never mind, back to Deadeye Navigator and the stupendously ridiculous things it can do.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This thread was marked as Locked by motleyslayer.

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With nearly half the people in this thread trying to be funny rather than posting actual legitimate content, it's getting awful close to just getting closed. More lame attempts at humor or posts that otherwise aren't providing an actual "combo" will be treated as spam. Last edited by extremeicon : Mar 7, Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Count Dorku. Ascended Mage.

Hulk flash. Quote from Two-Headed Dragon. Wizard Mentor. Quote from zilant.

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Quote from Rytthigar. Quote from King Pun. Quote from Necrosed. Immortal One. Ramp into a Hive Mindthen play any pact. A guy I play against ramps into in Turn 2 all the time. He drops the Hive Mind, then plays any pact and wins.


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